Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Number of Tempo Money Transfer locations in France and Germany soars above 180

The number of locations of the international Paris-headquartered money transfer operator, Tempo Money Transfer, has exceeded 180 in Germany and France together. The company is specialized in transferring money from these countries to destinations all over the world.
It operates through an agent network and its own dedicated store in Paris. 
"Germany and France are two of the main donor countries in the remittances market. This is due to their excelling economies and vast number of migrants from others countries living and working there," said the president of Tempo,  Mr Jeffrey Phaneuf.
He went on to say that the working migrants' share in the demand for money transfers exceeds 80 percent.
"Given the exceptional role that Germany and France play in the global remittances market, Tempo is diligently working on extending its network in these two countries." 
Mr. Phaneuf added that the company has a very large international payout network.  Tempo recently reported that it has 195,000 partner locations where clients can collect transferred funds. The number of countries where services are available, exceeds 120.
Mr. Phaneuf said that intensive international development makes collaboration with Tempo increasingly attractive for potential partners.
Recently the company concluded 10 large-scale integration projects in Europe and Asia.
The spectrum of services, offered internationally, now includes cash-to-cash transactions, account crediting, remote bill payments and cell phone top-ups.
A project to make remote bill payments has started in the Philippines. Its successful completion now enables clients to settle their utility bills in the Philippines, from Tempo's locations in France and Germany. These include account payments for electricity, water, internet, mobile services, cable TV, insurance and health.
 The Paris-headquartered remittance system has commenced operations in Vietnam and Mongolia. In these two Asian countries, Tempo started its collaboration with one of the CIS-leading remittances providers, Unistream, which has created great potential to build its payout network in the former USSR countries and Eastern Europe.

“We are looking at improving our financial indicators, as well as launching and developing our online presence. We will place an emphasis on low transaction costs. This will cause an effective decrease in black market operations and bring money transfers into the open, regulated sphere. This benefits the host country's economy and our customers,” said the president for the Banque du France-licensed company.