Monday, 25 April 2016

Tempo Money Transfer enters Russian market

Following the strategy of rapid development in the Eastern European arena, the international money transfer operator, Tempo Money Transfer, entered the Russian  market. The event is part of a large-scale project with one of the CIS-leading remittances providers, Unistream.
Commencement of the project enables clients to send money from one of Tempo's locations in France and Germany and collect the funds in a Unistream outlet throughout the Russian Federation.
The Moscow-headquartered company operates over 13,000 locations where payout options are available, across Russia.
The joint enterprise [in Russia] is the next step towards a large geographical development, which the two companies have started and will continue.
Just recently the France and Germany- based company and Unistream successfully completed the first step of the joint project, launching remittances from France and Germany to Mongolia and Vietnam (500 and 1000 payout locations in each country, respectively).
Banque du France - licensed, Tempo Money Transfer has a solid location coverage in Germany and France and runs a dedicated remittances store in Paris.
Tempo's president Mr. Jeffrey Phaneuf said that the company sees the collaboration with Unistream's, as an important step forward in business development internationally, and activity in the Russian segment plays a very special role in it.
"Russia has been tremendously active in the remittances segment, posing great prospects. The targeted audience are Russian nationals living and working in Germany and France, and sending money back home to their friends and families. That is why we expect the demand for the product to soar."
Mr. Phaneuf went on to say that given the special role Unistream plays in the Russian segment, the project is going to be beneficial both to the clients and the providers.
"The clients will have a unique opportunity to obtain access to the services of a genuine EU-standard quality, large coverage and lucrative tariffs."
The Paris-headquartered money transfer company has recently been very active in its international projects.

Tempo reported recently that the number of its locations has reached 190,000 and the number of countries where its services are present, currently exceeds 120.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Tempo Money Transfer issued Q1 2016 operational results. Services available in 190,000 locations in 120 countries

The international France and Germany – based remittances service provider issued

operational results of its activity in January – March of 2016.

The Paris-headquartered money transfer company said in a statement that the

number of service locations has reached 190,000 and the number of countries

where its services are present, exceeds 120.

In his comments to the results, the president for Tempo, Mr. Jeffrey Phaneuf said

that the 1st quarter of the year was marked by intensive development as far as the

new partnership commencement is concerned and reaching planned operation

levels in projects already existing.

Thus in Morocco, where the company started its activity a year ago, the number of

locations reached 2600.

Within the period, Tempo built up its activity in Africa where services are due to

start in nearly 20 new countries including Uganda, Rwanda, Togo, Mali, Benin,

Burkina Faso and Niger.

“As a company specialized in outbound transactions from one of the most vibrant

EU markets, (France and Germany) , we pay special attention to the developments

in Africa and Asia. The demand for services is coming mostly from working

migrants. We can clearly see the increasing trend in the number of African and

Asian nationals settling in European countries. Hence the demand for low cost and

quality services is growing,” Mr. Phaneuf said.

Tempo’s president mentioned also that the company managed to widen its product

line. A project to make remote bill payments took flight in the Philippines in

January – March.

Its successful completion enables clients to settle their utility bills in the

Philippines, from its locations in France and Germany. The spectrum of which,

includes electricity, water, internet, mobile services, cable TV, insurance and


Mr. Phaneuf said that in 2016, the company will follow its main goals and


“We are looking at increasing our financial indicators in each project. We will

make accent on low transaction costs. This makes for an effective decrease in the

black market and brings money transfers into the open, regulated sphere. This

benefits the host country's economy and our customers,” said the president for the

Banque du France -licensed company.