Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Tempo Money Transfer strengthens its position in Asia. Operations commence in Vietnam and Mongolia

The France and Germany based remittances service provider Tempo Money Transfer has started its operations in two Asian countries, Mongolia and Vietnam.

The Paris-headquartered company has completed the collaboration with CIS –leading money transfer system, Unistream.

Commencement of the joint project enables clients to send funds from Tempo’s locations in Germany and France and collect the cash in one of Unistream’s locations in Vietnam and Mongolia.
Thus, Tempo's services are now available in all 9 economic regions of Vietnam and 22 provinces in Mongolia.

Unistream operates over 1000 locations in Vietnam and more than 500 locations in Mongolia.
The services of the Paris-headquartered company are available in over 70 agent locations in France and Germany. A specialized remittances store is also operational in Paris' business district.
The main clients of the new service are Vietnamese and Mongolian nationals, presently residing in France and Germany, said president for Tempo Money Transfer, Mr. Jeffrey Phaneuf.

“For the past few years we have noticed quite a significant growth in the number of working migrants from Asia, particularly from Vietnam, who reside in France and Germany. This stimulates the demand for remittances services of genuine European quality,” he said.

The company has emitted intensive progress into the Asian region, where Tempo Money Transfer currently operates over 50,000 locations.

“The new project between Tempo Money Transfer and Unistream, is a successful continuation of the strategic plan to strengthen our positions in Asia, providing people with affordable, high quality services. This makes for an effective decrease in the black market and brings transactions into the open, regulated sphere. This benefits the host country's economy and our customers.”
Mr. Phaneuf also recently stated that new projects have been launched in China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

He pointed out that in 2016, the company will continue its rapid momentum of international development.

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