Friday, 11 March 2016

Tempo Money Transfer reaches planned operational indicators in Morocco

Tempo Money Transfer reached its planned operational indicators in

Morocco, the France-based remittances provider said in a recent 

statement. Clients are now able to send money from Tempo’s service 

locations in Europe and receive it in one of over 2,600 payment 

locations, in Morocco. 

The Paris-headquartered, money transfer operator commenced activity 

in the country a year ago, successfully undertaking a collaborative 

project with Dirham Express Ltd. 

The UK-based company works throughout Morocco, through such solid 

financial institutions as BMCE Bank, Al Barid Bank (La Poste) and 

Barid Cash, in whose branches, clients can receive sent funds.

Tempo operates over 70 service locations in France and Germany.

Money transfers are available in both cash-to-cash and cash-to-account 

modes. А leader in the money transfer remittance business, with a vast 

and expanding global network, Dirham Express has its customer service 

departments based in Rabat and Casablanca.  Customers can be attended 

in Arabic, English, Spanish and French.

This, the partners believe, will be an added benefit, to ensure the 

meticulous standards of remittances services in Morocco, are met. 

 “Our priorities are European quality and reliability with accent on low 

transaction costs for wires. This makes for an effective decrease in the 

black market and brings transactions into an open, regulated sphere. This 

benefits the host country's economies and our customers,” Mr. Jeffrey 

Phaneuf, the president for Tempo said. He confirmed Tempo's alliance 

with market contender 'Dirham Express', which he asserts, has 

significantly enhanced Tempo’s position in Africa, where Tempo 

Money Transfers is stepping up its activities.

“Our service is aimed at increasing audience. The key 

clients are Moroccans living abroad, whom we want to provide with 

efficient and secure money transfer payments, allowing senders 

and beneficiaries to send and receive funds in real time,” says Mr. 

Rafael Lopez, Dirham Express Wholesales Manager. 

Tempo Money Transfer has steadily been building on its activity in 


In August of 2015, the French company started operations in Guinea, 

Senegal, Gambia, Nigeria, Mauritania and Sierra Leone.

Thus, the number of locations where Tempo became available, exceeded 

1000 in Senegal. Clients received the option to send and receive funds in 

45 cities and small towns, within the country. In Guinea, the number of 

locations exceeded 500, in 33 provinces. 50 locations became available 

in Nigeria, 20- in Gambia and 3 - in the capital of Sierra Leone. Services 

include sms-notification and phone assistance.

Globally, Tempo’s services are now available in over 150,000 locations 

in 100 countries. It has a pan-European license issued by BdF, operating 

over 70 locations in Germany and France.

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