Monday, 9 February 2015

Tempo France registered its trademark with OHMI

Tempo France has registered its core product under the trademark ‘Tempo Money Transfer’ with the OHMI.
The Office of Harmonization in the Internal Market is the official body charged with protecting intellectual property within the EU.
As the business activity of Tempo is growing internationally, the need has appeared to protect the company’s brand by getting it registered with a solid intellectual property protection provider.

“The registration of Tempo Money Transfer as a trademark will be beneficial to our clients, to whom we provide services of European standards. Trademark registration is yet another milestone in our development, given Tempo is actively implementing its full-scale international partnership program in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin & South America, India and the Philippines, as well as China, Middle East and Eastern Europe,” said Jeffrey Phaneuf, the president for Tempo France

He went on to say that Tempo’s trademark registration followed other important events. Just recently the company started collaboration with the leading multi-channel money transfer solutions provider RemitONE to offer worldwide connectivity in the global remittances market. It enabled the system to use state-of-the-art IT solutions and connectivity to link to an impressive global network of money transfer operators, banks, FX companies and remittance hubs.

Tempo France just recently joined the International Association of Money Transfer Networks, which unites over 50 financial institutions, specialised in remittances services.

As part of its international development, Tempo France recently started its activity in Nepal, collaborating with a leading local money transfer company, Samsara.

Tempo France now operates in nearly 100 countries, having a fully licensed branch in Germany. 

Tempo France has been granted its European money transfer license by the French regulatory authorities.

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