Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Tempo Money Transfer joins Nepal market teaming up with Samsara Finance

The international remittances provider, Tempo Money Transfer and the Nepalese leading money transfer company Samsara Money Transfer have successfully completed a joint integration project. 

The collaboration will enable the clients to send money from Tempo’s locations in Europe and receive it in branches of Samsara’s partners in Nepal. 

Both companies believe that the start of the project is an important milestone in development of the corridor between EU and Nepal, since the demand for quality and affordable money transfer services is on the raise.
The clients will be able to pick up cash sent from European outlets, where Tempo Money Transfer’ services are available, in over 1,800 agent locations- finance companies, retailers, corporates and travel agents who operate on b2b model using Samsara’s system. The network covers all of Nepal's provinces, even small towns and settlements.
Money can be sent from almost 60 locations in France and Germany. In Nepal, the service includes cash payout, account depositing, SMS and telephone notification.

The president for Tempo France, Mr. Jeffrey Phaneuf  said the client audience is very broad. “The cultural, economic and tourism ties between Nepal and the EU are increasingly growing. Development of the project will provide new options to send money, for Nepalese workers, migrants, students, 0businessmen, staying and working in Europe. They expect high quality services and affordable rates. That is what we can and will be happy to provide jointly with our partners in Samsara,” he said.

Tempo France is the company running Tempo Money Transfers. It has been granted its European money transfer license by the French regulatory authorities and operates in over 100 countries around the globe.
The director of marketing and business development for Samsara Money Transfer, Mr. Suraj Chhetri said that the joint project opens new perspective for both companies to further increase their client portfolio and reach new financial and operational heights.

“We care about the services we provide our clients with and always look for new opportunities to increase our network worldwide. Collaboration with Tempo is a way to step up our activities in such an important segment as Europe. That is why we are very happy to start our mutual work with them,” he said.


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