Friday, 19 September 2014

Instant Cash – Ria alliance

Instant Cash Global Money Transfer, a member of the Emirates Post Group, has recently entered into a strategic alliance with Ria Money Transfer, a wholly owned subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. that will give the United States-based remittance provider access to the growing pay out network of Instant Cash.

Instant Cash is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Emirates Post Group, and its services are available in 60 countries through more than 150,000 locations. The move comes a few months after Instant Cash, which enables immediate remittance payment to the beneficiaries across its growing global network, had tied up with India Post and Philippines Post amongst others to bring thousands of locations within its growing network of payout locations.

The agreement gives Ria Money Transfer – the third largest global money transfer service provider – access to Instant Cash’s network. It also gives Instant Cash and its agent’s direct access to the global network of Ria Money Transfer of more than 219,000 locations, including the European and US markets.


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  1. We are also pleased to announce a strategic partnership between two of our members, Instant Cash and Ria Financial, one of the many ongoing collaborations facilitated by our global network.