Sunday, 28 September 2014

Global Money Transfer Summit

Remittances remain a key source of external resource flows for developing countries, far exceeding official development assistance and more stable than private debt and portfolio equity flows. For many developing countries, remittances are an important source of foreign exchange, surpassing earnings from major exports, and covering a substantial portion of imports. 

The remittances industry should be safe, efficient and reliable. The regulatory environment is constantly changing and currently around the world items ranging from AML directives to taxes on remittances are being constantly debated and, in many cases, brought into law without meaningful consultation with the money transfer industry. 

The International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) will continue to enhance its work with all stakeholders and to represent the industry wherever we can.

As every year the International Association of Money Transfer Networks (IAMTN) is inviting money transfer professionals from all over the world to the major event of the industry - the GMTS2014. This year the Summit is the 9th Annual Remittances Summit organized by IAMTN. The event will be held on 11-12th November at Level 39, Canary Wharf, London. 

Participants will be given the opportunity to meet potential project partners, find initiatives to participate in, collect information on innovative programmes aimed at leveraging the role of remittances for development, get in touch with stakeholders, participate in discussions, and promote their own activities.

Registration is now open!

Silver Member you can enjoy 35% discount ticket 
Gold Members you can enjoy 1 free ticket and 40% discount for other employees from same organisation.

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