Monday, 28 November 2016

Tempo Money Transfers sponsored premier of Bengali film in Paris

On November 17th, the international money transfer system, Tempo Money Transfer sponsored the premier of Bengali film "Aynabaji” in Champs Élysée cinema theater, in Paris. 
With a $67.5 mln. box office,  this film is considered one of the most successful productions in the Bengali film industry.
Mr. Jeffery Phaneuf, president for Tempo Money Transfer and Mr. Sayed Khan, commercial director, South Asia for the company, represented Tempo Money Transfer at the event.
“It is very important that the company does not miss the occasion to participate in such events. They give us the opportunity to become even closer to our customers, understand their cultural needs and the importance of the job we do,” said Mr. Phaneuf.

“Tempo’s team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, through extensive location coverage, a broad spectrum of options and excellent quality service. Our priorities are European quality and reliability with an accent on low transaction costs for wires. This makes for an effective decrease in the black market and brings transactions into the open, regulated sphere. This benefits the host country's economies and our customers, giving new space for services at affordable rates,” Phaneuf said. 

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