Thursday, 2 June 2016

Ria Money Transfer Continues to Expand Global Network – Serves Customers through more than 310,000 Locations in 150 Countries

Buena Park, CA, May 31, 2016 -- Ria Money Transfer (“Ria”), the third largest money transfer company in the world and subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), continues its global network expansion and now serves customers through more than 310,000 locations in 150 countries – affirming its position as one of the fastest growing global money transfer providers.

“A record number of customers and business partners are now choosing and benefiting from
Ria’s fast, secure and affordable money transfer services,” said Juan Bianchi, Ria’s CEO &
President, following the Company’s milestone achievement. “Ria has been experiencing remarkable network expansion in recent years, and this steady growth has resulted in increased remittance volumes for our partners, while enabling us to better serve our customers.”

Since being acquired by Euronet in 2007, Ria has grown its money transfer network more than seven-fold. This is the combined result of the global staff’s ability and commitment to develop and maintain strong partnerships with their customers and business partners, as well as the capability to make opportunistic acquisitions which have expanded the Company’s presence in new and existing markets.

“In addition to cash-based transfers, Euronet’s Money Transfer Segment has significantly expanded its digital presence through the launch of and the May 2014 acquisition of HiFX,” explained Bianchi. “This new digital channel makes money remittance and foreign payments convenient and affordable for more customers that either need to transfer money to family and friends, or make international payments.”

“I am proud of the global staff for achieving this great milestone, but it doesn’t stop here. We will continue to offer our customers and partners the service they have come to expect and rely on, while expanding our portfolio to offer a wider range of integrated financial solutions that meet their evolving needs,” affirmed Bianchi.

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About Ria

Ria, a subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), is a global leader in money remittances. Ria offers fast, secure, affordable money transfers through a network of approximately 310,000 global agents spanning 150 countries and online at The company is steadfast in its commitment to its customers and remains ingrained within the communities in which they live.


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