Friday, 22 January 2016

Tempo Money Transfer launches bill payments in Philippines

The France-based, international remittance provider, Tempo Money Transfer has launched bills payment services in the Philippines. Together with Pagis-headquartered company Ventaja International, Tempo has implemented an innovative option, enabling clients to settle their utility bills in the Philippines, from its locations in France and Germany.

Tempo Money Transfer has a pan-European license for remittances and operates over 70 agent locations in these EU-countries and has a specialized store in one of the busiest districts of Paris.
The spectrum of bills that clients can settle from Tempo’s locations in Europe, includes electricity, water, internet, mobile services, cable TV, insurance and health.

It is the second project this year, within the e-payment sphere.

In collaboration with global electronic payment network iSend, Tempo Money Transfer has recently enabled clients to top up their mobile phones globally, at service locations. Money paid in Tempo Money Transfer locations can recharge cell phone credit in 80 countries throughout the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including India and Oceania. 

The company whose core business is remittances, believe that widening the product range is one of the key elements in success, given how fast the money transfers field integrates itself into the e-payment global segment.

By introducing this new option, we give our clients yet another important degree of freedom and convenience. It is very useful for Philippine nationals who live and work in Europe, to be able to settle various bills of families and loved ones who stay in their home country,” said the President for Tempo Money Transfer, Jeffrey Phaneuf.

He also said that the Philippines is one of the Asian countries where Tempo has been intensively building up its activity.

Tempo Money Transfer’s services are available in nearly 12,000 locations across the country.
Tempo Money Transfer has been very active in the Asian region. Tempo customers have an option of obtaining cash in over 400 ATM locations in 25 regional districts and 9 provinces in Sri Lanka. It also has 7,000 locations in India, nearly 2,000 in Pakistan, and close to 6,000 locations in the Philippines. The number of locations in Nepal exceeds 1,800.

A recently completed project in China, increased the number of locations by 17,000.
"The company has ambitious plans in Asia. It is dedicated to reaching extensive location coverage, a broad spectrum of options and excellent quality of service", Mr. Phaneuf said.

He also added that the services make for an effective decrease in the black market and brings transactions into the open, regulated sphere. “This benefits the host country's economies and customers, giving new space for services at affordable rates.”

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