Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Tempo Money Transfer President and Head of Remittances for Sampath Bank met in Paris

Tempo Money Transfer President and Head of Remittances for Sampath Bank met in Paris 

President for France-based money transfer service provider, Tempo Money Transfer,  Mr. Jeffrey Phaneuf and Head of remittances for Sampath Bank, Mr. Kusal De Silva held a meeting in Paris.

The two companies started collaboration in July of this year.
The joint project enables clients to send money from over 70 Tempo agent locations in Germany and France and receive the funds from any of the 223 branches of Sampath Bank in Sri Lanka instantly.  Sampath Bank has 12 super branches located in main cities which are opened for 365 days from 8.00am to 8.00 pm.

The project gives clients access to a multi-product spectrum of services, including the Instant Cash Pay-out and crediting of Sampath bank Accounts as well as account crediting of  account of  any other banks in Sri Lanka through SLIPS (Sri Lanka Interbank Payment System).

The alliance gives clients access to very competitive foreign currency exchange rates. During the meeting both parties expressed their satisfaction with the results of the initial success of the project.

“Within a short period we have managed to establish an efficient, secured and reliable network backed by excellent service standards. The new partnership has created a platform to send money most secured, speedy and convenient way to their loved ones through a legal channel which will eventually support the Sri Lankan economy and the society at large.” said Mr. Phaneuf.
Mr. Kusal De Silva said: « The new partnership between Sampath Bank and Tempo will give Sri Lankan Migrant Community in France and Germany an opportunity to send money instantly to Sri Lanka and beneficiaries could receive Cash through the 223 branches of Sampath Bank within 5 minutes. In addition to that beneficiaries could also receive inward remittances directly to their mobile and withdraw from Sampath Bank ATMs without a card around the clock provided they have a prior registration with Sampath Bank to avail this service. Further he said they look forward to provide a excellent service to Migrant community through this new partnership.»

During the course of the meeting, the both parties have jointly agreed to drive the business using the technology for the customer convenience. 

Mr. Phaneuf said that  Tempo Money Transfer has been very active in the Asian region. Tempo customers has an option of obtaining cash  over 400 ATM locations in 25 regional districts and 9 provinces in Sri Lanka. It also has 7,000 locations in India, nearly 2,000 in Pakistan, and close to 6,000 locations in the Philippines. The number of locations in Nepal exceeds 1,800.
A recently completed, project in China increased the number of locations by 17,000.
“Tempo’s team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, through extensive location coverage, a broad spectrum of options and excellent quality service. Our priorities are European quality and reliability with an accent on low transaction costs for wires. This makes for an effective decrease in the black market and brings transactions into the open, regulated sphere. This benefits the host country's economies and our customers, giving new space for services at affordable rates,” Phaneuf said. 

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