Sunday, 17 May 2015

Tempo Money Transfers launches new product to top up cell phones globally

In collaboration with global electronic payment network iSend, the France-based money transfer operator Tempo Money Transfer has recently enabled clients to top up their mobile phones globally, at service locations of the Paris-headquartered operator.
This synergetic project completed by iSend and Tempo Money Transfer, is designed for those who are living and working abroad and wish to provide support to their families and friends back home. Money paid in Tempo Money Transfer locations can recharge cell phone credit in 80 countries throughout the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, including India and Oceania. 
“It is very important for Tempo Money Transfer to enlarge its product spectrum, to make the system more attractive to people. The clients can top up the cell phones at over 300 service providers globally, through our network in France and Germany, which currently exceeds 70 locations,” said Tempo Money Transfer's president, Mr. Jeffrey Phaneuf.
He went on to say that it is a strategic and ambitious plan of Tempo Money Transfer, not only to permanently increase its partner network globally, but also to proceed with rapid expansion of the product range. We can see how fast the global e-payment market is growing and are diligently working on our integration into it. Our advanced IT systems enable us to work with service providers specialised in different spheres of this field. The project with iSend is a great example,” he said. Mr. Phaneuf believes that the demand for the product will be very high. 

“This kind of remote cell phone topping up, is now no less popular and needed than money transfer services since it is a very convenient way to help families and friends who are far away. As a company that is granted with pan-European license and of European quality, Tempo Money Transfer aims be one of the key providers, pioneering these services in the EU,” he said.

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