Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Tempo Money Transfer in Alliance with Metrobank in the Philippines

Tempo Money Transfer and one of the Philippines’ leading banks, Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company, or Metrobank, have successfully integrated their financial transfer services. The partners have thus commenced money transfers from Tempo Money Transfer service locations to beneficiaries in the Philippines through Metrobank. The alliance makes it possible to give the clients yet another option in accessing money transfer services, with EU- standards and quality.

Both parties believe the partnership has great potential. 

Metrobank has been in the financial institution industry for over 52 years and has over 900 branches all over the Philippines.

Metrobank offers its cash-to-cash product named Cash Pick-Up Anywhere, in which beneficiaries can pick up the cash transfer at any of over 6,000 partner locations in the Philippines using a single reference number. Tempo Money Transfer operates over 60 locations in Germany and France.

There is also an automatic SMS notification to the beneficiary once the cash is ready for pick-up. The clients can also enjoy the cash-to-account option wherein funds sent, can be credited not only to Metrobank accounts, but also to all major banks in the Philippines. 
"It is a large-scale project that has a principle meaning to the Filipino money transfer market, given the position of Tempo Money Transfer in the EU-market and the role Metrobank plays on the national banking landscape, due to a great number of clients and growing client portfolio,” said Mr. Walter Lim, the bank’s regional head for Europe.
He indicated that the bulk of remittances to the Philippines come from the United Kingdom, followed by Germany, Greece and Italy.

The president for Tempo Money Transfer Mr. Jeffrey Phaneuf said that the alliance with Metrobank will significantly enhance the company’s position in the Philippines and Asia in general.

Since the successful launch of the project, Tempo Money Transfer’s services are now available in nearly 12,000 locations across the country, the total number of locations in the Asian region increased to over 22,000.

“We trust the project will be beneficial for our clients who need high quality reliable services. Also, working together gives us a great chance to drastically increase client portfolio”.


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